Real Time Data Server for an OTC Market: Yellowjacket Software

Project Category: 
Yves Jean, Lehman College; Student Developer: Artyom Diky, Graduate Center

(Funded by NSF-PFI) YellowJacket Software provides a managed communication and data service for the over−the−counter (OTC) energy derivatives market that supports private, flexible and custom transactions through the operation of a message-based system. CISDD was asked to extend the functionality of the existing YellowJacket system and client software deployed in the field. The main goals of the project included the minimization of YellowJacket server data traffic, the creation of a buy and sell button in Microsoft Excel clients, and an automated testing system to predict and verify the behavior of enhancements without impacting development servers. CUNY developed a Microsoft Excel real-time data (RTD) server designed to request this updated data only. Modified cells were to visually indicate change. During the development of the features described above, a parallel effort was be undertaken to create an automated test system. If deployed, this system would simulate YellowJacket server usage with the RTD prototype.

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