Faculty-Industry Events

With the support of the National Science Foundation (NSF) "Partnerships for Innovation" (PFI) program, CISDD has hosted many faculty-industry events. These events, open to all CUNY faculty members and guests from the NYC software industry, have been focused in four areas.

Computer Security
CISDD Computer Security events bring together CUNY researchers with NYC software firms working in the security arena to discuss issues of interest and to explore grant-fundable technology commercialization partnerships.
Past Events

  • 11/30/05: E-Commerce Security Hot Topics
    Rapidly-shifting best practices for e-commerce security can prove daunting for even the most high-technology businesses selling over the web. E-Commerce Security encompasses authenticating the people accessing your system, controlling access to resources such as web pages for registered users, encrypting communications, and, in general, ensuring the privacy and effectiveness of transactions. Our panel discussed hot topics in this crucial arena.
  • 10/28/05: Information Assurance Research Panel
    Information Assurance is defined by the U.S. Intelligence Community as encompassing information operations that protect and defend information and information systems by ensuring their availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. This includes providing for restoration of information systems by incorporating protection, detection, and reaction capabilities. This panel introduced participants to information assurance research areas of expertise at CUNY and also at Polytechnic University.

Gaming Technology
CISDD Gaming Technology events bring together CUNY computer scientists and game design artists with NYC video game companies and not-for-profit organizations interested in building commercial solutions, educational games, and homeland security gaming applications.
Past Events

  • 11/17/06: Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express
    This introductory session on XNA Game Studio Express looked at a set of tools based on Visual C# Express 2005 that allow students and faculty to build games that target both Windows and Xbox 360. The session focused on the XNA Framework and XNA Framework Content Pipeline.
  • 12/14/05: Locative Media Technology Panel
    This event centered on technology solutions that support locative media. Locative media relates to location and time, mobility, collaborative mapping, and emergent forms of social networking, including game applications. As hardware and networks are upgraded to enable more robust forms of wireless communication, locative media technologies might well provide the next big frontier for social networking applications that will affect how people live from day to day.
  • 11/14/05: Gaming Technology and Education Panel
    Video gaming technology is emerging as a powerful tool for students to gain expertise in academic subjects as well as to spark interest in the science and art behind the creation of games. The panel explored new developments in the changing role of this technology for educational settings.

Imaging and Visualization
CISDD Imaging and Visualization events feature cutting-edge research presentations from top CUNY researchers in these fields, as well as timely updates from their counterparts in industry.

Past Events

  • 04/04/06: 3-D: University and Industry R&D Perspectives
    This full day program highlighted 3-D technologies.
  • 12/07/05: Imaging and Visualization Research at CUNY
    In Spring 2005, CUNY imaging and visualization researchers came together for a mini-conference on bridging the gap between university research and business applications. This follow-up event featured a discussion about how that research progressed in several cutting-edge projects.

Software Engineering
CISDD Software Engineering events bring CUNY computer scientists and information management experts together with NYC software firms to discuss software engineering best practices, particularly in the context of university-industry projects.

Past Events

  • 9/29/06: The Commercial Software Lifecycle: A Workshop for CUNY Faculty
    Topics covered included software development approaches, core principles of software projects, "The Mythical Man Month" approach, agile development, unified process, extreme programming, introducing topics to students, and the five key skills of a project manager.
  • 12/02/05: The Software Lifecycle: An IBM RUP Perspective
    Murray Cantor, an IBM Distinguished Engineer and the Principal Engineer of Worldwide Services Rational Software, IBM Software Group, spoke about the software lifecycle as it relates to IBM.
  • 11/18/05: University-Industry Technology Collaboration
    University-industry collaboration can lead to terrific opportunities for the funding of innovative research and product development projects. David Hochman, a consultant in technology-based economic development in the Technology Partnership Practice at Battelle Memorial Institute, discussed how these collaborations can be architected successfully.
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